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How to join the Forum - And then ....

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How to Join the Morbic Forum - 10 simple steps:-

1) At the top right hand corner of this window, press "Register".
2) Enter a user name - preferably your real first name and surname.
3) Enter a suitable password.
4) Click the “Register Now” button.

5) You should see a page saying “An email has been sent to you ….”
6) Follow the instructions in that email.  (If it didn't arrive; check your spam box; maybe your address was entered with an error?)

7) In the subsequent “Registration confirmed” web page, click “Continue”.
8) In the next page, click the supplied link to mail me. (This helps authentication.)

9) If all is well, you will be upgraded to "Member" next time an administrator is online.
10) You will then be able to post on the forum.
And then -
a) To be notified of new postings, in the login screen, click "Options" (near top left) and "Subscribe via email".  Under "Confirm Subscription" select your preferences then click "Confirm Subscription". Easy!
    (I prefer "Every message" and "Daily digest".)
b) Please go to "Introduce Yourself" and ... introduce yourself!

Need help? Ask via "Contact" on the "MyMorbic" website.

Miscreants beware!
  Abusers of the forum or its members will be keel-hauled without trial.